After the summer, after the holiday, we all feel that desire and urge to get back into our ROUTINE!!! Once summer is over or when the holidays are behind us, many of us are determined to get back into our daily routines of keeping up the kid’s schedules, house cleaning, daily job tasks, eating right, exercising, etc…but it is also the time to get back to the basics of your skincare regiment. After all, the Skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and it should not be neglected and therefore should be cared for 365 days a year! With just three simple steps, you can achieve and maintain beautiful and healthy skin!

STEP ONE: Proper cleansing sets the time for any skincare regimen. The Cleanser should be one prescribed for your skin type. Cleanse both morning and night. During the evening, the Skin is very busy getting rid of the toxins, and therefore it is important to cleanse in the morning as well. Smooth a small amount of Cleanser into the face, neck, and décolleté. A Cleanser needs to be massaged into the skin, giving it a chance to work into the pores and soften the residue. Massage the Cleanser 1-2 minutes, and rinse with tepid water. It is best to rinse with facial sponges or soft cotton cloth, and not a washcloth, which is abrasive and can collect bacteria.

STEP TWO: Tone the skin with a non-alcohol-based toner. Toning the skin helps to balance the PH in the skin and also pick up the residue of the Cleanser and any other impurities left behind. Typically when choosing the proper Cleanser for your skin type, a toner is accompanied to compliment the Cleanser. The Cleanser and toner are a team and should be used daily together to achieve maximum results.

STEP THREE: Protect and Nourish the skin! The final step to this simple routine is the protect the skin in the morning with a moisturizer that not only hydrates but also protects the skin from harmful UVA UVB rays and free radicals. Therefore it’s important to always choose a moisturizer that contains an SPF. A good moisturizing product should include both humectants and protectants. Humectants work like magnets for water. They will attract and hold water on, and in, the skin. Some other ingredients to help protect the skin and provide anti-aging factors are, for example, alpha hydroxy acids, (AHA’s), peptides, enzymes, and Retinol. The use of AHA’s, Glycolic and lactic acids are both exfoliants and humectants. Gently removing the dry, dead cells on the skin’s surface accelerates cell turnover, and it is during cell renewal that the natural barrier lipids are produced. This can produce healthier skin. In the evening, we nourish the skin and feed the skin, while in the morning, we protect and give the skin plenty of “drinks of water” and hydration. Therefore, because we are feeding the skin at night, your evening moisturizer is typically more emollient and richer in texture.

If your goal is to achieve healthier, more youthful, and brighter-looking skin, and you would like to see these results sooner, then it is recommended that you incorporate other treatments in your daily regimens like serums, eye treatments, exfoliants, and masks. Additionally, enhancing your daily skincare routine to include treatments outside the home, such as medical microdermabrasion, IPL, and LED light therapy, as well as micro-needling, would help you achieve your final destination to fabulous skin.

The journey to healthy skin starts with the basics and begins with your commitment to a simple three-step program at home. Focus on these three areas and you will see results sooner. For additional information on caring for your skin, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.